Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult

Harvesting the Heart

Jodi Picoult
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Harvesting the Heart explores the story of a young woman overcome by the demands of having a family.

Publisher Description

Paige has only a few vivid memories of her mother, who left when she was five. Now, having left her father behind in Chicago for dreams of art school and marriage to an ambitious young doctor, she finds herself with a child of her own. But her mother's absence, and shameful memories of her past, makes her doubt both her maternal ability and her sense of self-worth. Out of Paige's struggle to find wholeness by searching for her mother and facing her own insecurities, Jodi Picoult crafts an absorbing novel peopled with richly drawn characters. Any mother or child cannot help but relate to the issues and emotions explored within this powerful and moving book.

Author Biography

Jodi Picoult, who has fifteen novels and three children to her credit, was born and raised - happily - on Long Island. Her novels, which all centre on what it means to love someone, have come out in rapid-fire succession. Picoult studied creative writing at Princeton but when she graduated she headed not for the word processor, but for Wall Street, and followed that with stints at a textbook publishing company and an ad agency. She also taught creative writing part-time at a high school. She then got her master's degree in education at Harvard, married Tim, found she was pregnant and wrote a thousand page manuscript, which became her first published work, Songs of the Humpback Whale.

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Harvesting the Heart